19 Different Types of Photography, Explained

19 Different Types of Photography

Photography is the method of creating images or photographs of an object by capturing the reflection of light that falls on it. The role of light is the most crucial element in the art of photography.

The word “photography” is derived from the Greek language, where “photos” means light and “grafo” means to paint or write. Therefore, photography can be understood as a process of painting with the medium of light.

For those who wish to explore and delve into the world of photography to become professional photographers, it’s essential to understand the various types of photography.

There are numerous types of photography commonly used by photographers for various purposes. What are these types of photography?

Here is a summary of the different types of photography and their explanations that you should be aware of, as reported by repository.usm.ac.id.

Types of Photography

  1. Photojournalism

A specialized form of journalism that creates images to narrate a news story. It involves gathering, editing, and presenting news materials for publication or broadcasting through pictures.

  1. Still Life Photography

Capturing images of inanimate objects artistically using auxiliary lighting, including macro photography (small objects).

  1. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography involves capturing the likeness, personality, and even the mood of a person or a small group of people (group portrait). Its purpose is to showcase the subject’s appearance and character.

  1. Commercial Advertising Photography

This type of photography is done for promotional purposes, often enhanced with editing and computer graphics to make it visually appealing.

  1. Abstract Photography

Abstract photography can be described as the realm of composition enthusiasts. In this type of photography, the photographer fills the canvas with a composition inspired by what they see in nature. From the three-dimensional reality that exists, an infinite number of abstract photo compositions can be created.

  1. Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is among the most popular types of photography because everyone wants beautiful photos of their significant moments. It requires an experienced photographer to capture those important moments. Usually, hundreds of photos are taken, including color, black and white, and sepia tones.

  1. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a genre aimed at showcasing clothing and other fashion items. It is commonly used in fashion advertisements and magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Allure. Over time, fashion photography has developed its own aesthetics, often incorporating exotic locations and accessories to enhance clothing and style.

  1. Food Photography

Primarily used for product packaging or advertising, food photography requires skill and high-quality equipment to capture the essence of the photographed food items.

  1. Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography aims to capture the artistic vision of a subject. It is often found in exhibitions and museums.

  1. Landscape Photography

Landscape photography comprises a collection of photos from various places, often used in calendars, postcards, and memorabilia.

  1. Wildlife Photography

This type of photography aims to capture intriguing moments of animals in their natural activities, such as eating, flying, or fighting. Typically, these photos are taken from a distance using long telephoto lenses.

  1. Street Photography

Street photography is a captivating genre that differs slightly from photojournalism by focusing on capturing peak moments or climaxes.

  1. Underwater Photography

Underwater photography seeks to capture underwater life and environments.

  1. Infrared Photography

Infrared photography uses film or image sensors that are sensitive to infrared light. It is often referred to as near-infrared and is distinct from far-infrared, which is used in thermal imaging.

  1. Architectural Photography

Architectural photography specializes in capturing buildings, both their exteriors and interiors, as well as architectural details. The demand for architectural photographers has increased with the growth of the real estate industry.

  1. Scientific Photography

Scientific photography is a specialized field used for scientific purposes, often involving special equipment for microscopic photography in microbiological research.

  1. Aerial Photography

Aerial photography specializes in capturing images from the air, commonly used for surveys, mapping, urban planning, and agriculture. It can also showcase the beauty and vastness of landscapes from above.

  1. Astro Photography

Astro photography is a specialized discipline focused on capturing celestial objects and astronomical phenomena. It requires specialized equipment, such as adapters to connect cameras to telescopes, to capture images of space.

  1. Night Shot Photography

Night shot photography involves capturing images at night. It requires the use of a tripod to prevent shaky images due to slow shutter speeds.

Understanding these various types of photography can help budding photographers discover their interests and develop their skills in their chosen niche. Whether you’re drawn to capturing the stars or creating mouthwatering food photos, there’s a photography genre for everyone to explore and excel in.

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